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What to expect on your first visit...

The initial visit is designed for Dr. Vazquez to learn more about you, your condition, and expectations to determine how upper cervical care and our truHealth strategy can help you meet your health goals.

Following a brief tour when you first arrive, we require that you complete our New Client Health History Forms. This paperwork provides us with information on your current state of health as well as a record of your health history. 

Dr. Vazquez will review your paperwork and discuss your health-related history, problems, and concerns.  

After your consultation, Dr. Vazquez will perform a complete chiropractic evaluation including performing a series of infrared thermography readings as well as other standard neurological, orthopedic, and postural tests in order to establish a baseline for your current state of health. However, nothing will be done in our studio without your consent.

Dr. Vazquez will then take specialized x-rays of your upper cervical spine using state-of-the-art ultra-high resolution digital radiography equipment.  These x-rays will allow him to determine your particular upper cervical misalignment to develop the most effective specific correction required to balance your upper cervical spine.  These x-rays may also alert him of any significant spinal conditions that may require alterations to your treatments. 

During the follow up visit, Dr. Vazquez will review with you your health history & goals as well as the results of  your physical evaluation.  He will explain to you the significant findings on the x-ray images of your spine and answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Vazquez will then propose the best care strategy to address your needs and notify you if your condition requires care with other providers.   

With your acceptance of his care recommendations, you will receive your first upper cervical correction. This involves the gentle movement of the atlas along its proper path in the direction most suitable for restoring balanced alignment and movement.

Following this and every subsequent upper cervical correction, you will rest in the post-correction recovery area for approximately 8 minutes.  You'll sit in a comfortable zero-gravity chair and listen to a calming audio program designed to balance your brain waves.  Resting following upper cervical corrections is critical because it allows your body time to integrate the new changes to your spine.

Following the rest period, Dr. Vazquez will perform a post-correction thermography reading to assess the changes to your nervous system resulting from the correction. 

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