truHealth Specific Chiropractic Studio

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New Client Evaluation Fees*:

Proactive State - Includes all care initiation services.  ~45 minutes, $115.

Chronic State - Includes all care initiation services with additional focused examination of areas having long-standing issues.  ~50 minutes, $135.

Symptomatic State - Includes all care initiation services, focused examination of injured or symptomatic areas, and palliative treatments to provide relief.  ~60 minutes, $155.

*Please Note: Your New Client Evaluation Type will depend on your current State of Health according to the information provided in your Health History Forms and the criteria outlined in the slideshow above.  Evaluation fees do not include Precision High-Resolution Digital Radiographs; Please see Radiography Fees below.

Reaching your optimum state of health will follow these three basic phases of care.

Stabilization Care:

The first milestone is reaching Stability through specific Upper Cervical Corrections.  "Stability", in this case, refers to restoring biomechanical function of the Upper Cervical Spine that persists for 1-2 weeks at a time.  Depending on one's current State of Health, this may take longer for some than for others.

Transformation Care

The next milestone is Transformation.  "Transformation", in this case, refers to establishing healthier postural and movement patterns to strengthen your physical foundation.  In addition to Upper Cervical Corrections, care will involve tailor made therapies and exercises designed to optimize static and dynamic functions such as posture, range of motion, and overall core strength.

Proactive Care

The final milestone on your path to True Health.  Our ultimante goal is to guide you here.  Having reached a State of Health that is optimum for you, it makes sense to keep it that way!  Care involves spinal check-ups and corrections every 2-6 weeks in order to undo the normal wear and tear on your body from your active lifestyle! 

Treatment Session Fees:

Stabilization Phase -  Each session includes upper cervical evaluation & correction procedures.  ~15 minutes,  $65.

  •  Care Package includes 6 treatment sessions and one Progressive Evaluation*. ~4-6 weeks; $420 (total savings $65).

Transformation Phase -  Upon completion of Stabilization Phase.  Each session includes upper cervical evaluation & correction procedures followed by a series of therapies specifically designed to resolve your problematic areas and optimize your physical function as a whole.  ~30 minutes,  $95.

  • Care Package includes 6 treatment sessions and one Progressive Evaluation*. ~6-8 weeks; $570 (total savings $95).

Proactive Phase - Upon completion of Transformation Phase.  Each session includes upper cervical evaluation & correction procedures followed by a full spine and extremity check-up & chiropractic adjustment.  ~20 minutes, $75.

  • Care Package includes 6 treatment sessions. ~3-6 months; $375 (total savings $75)

*Progressive Evaluation - Performed upon completion of Stabilization and Transformation care phases to monitor physical improvements compared to previous evaluation findings.  ~30 min, $95.

Radiography Fees:

All radiographs are taken using state-of-the-art equipment that yield high-resolution digital images of your spine.

Upper Cervical Series - A total of four radiographs that visualize the upper cervical spine from three directions.  These are critical in calculating the directionality of the appropriate forces required to correct the alignment and biomechanics of the upper cervical vertebrae.  $120

Additional Spinal and/or Extremity Series - Certain complaints or examination findings will require radiographic images if the areas in question.  Usually, no less than two directional views are required to properly diagnose the issue.  $40 per Directional View