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Upper Cervical "Specific" Chiropractic is a specialized application of chiropractic to the Atlas vertebra.

The "Atlas" vertebra gets its name from the mythical character who was burdened to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Much like this, located at the base of the skull, this ring-like bone, along with the Axis vertebra below, balances the weight of our "worlds" and accounts for most our head's range of motion.  Known as the "upper cervical spine", these vertebrae represent the gateway between brain and body.  They also help to protect the brain stem and spinal cord making them critical to our health overall. 

Upper Cervical Spine Labeled Model expanded.png

The upper cervical spine's design and remarkable biomechanical function allows us to move our head in many directions; the Atlas acts like a reverse ball bearing between the Occiput above the and the Axis Vertebra below.  The Axis Vertebra also acts like a pivot around which the Atlas can turn.  The whole time, the brain stem sits in the middle of all the action.

Although very dynamic it its motion, the upper cervical spine is the most unstable and, therefore, the most vulnerable part of our body; the "weakest link"!

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Upper Cervical Subluxation

Physical trauma, heavy labor or recreation, or even simple everyday activities such as sleeping in improper positions may cause the atlas to lose its proper alignment, altering its biomechanics, and irritating the vital nervous system it protects.  This condition is known as an "Upper Cervical Subluxation".

Upper Cervical Subluxations may lead to painful postural changes, headaches, lack of energy, and a variety of other health conditions seemingly unrelated to the spine.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Just like our fingerprints, each of our upper cervical spines are unique.  As a result, each person's atlas will misalign in a unique direction following injury.  Because of this, Upper Cervical Care involves first figuring out exactly how the upper cervical spine has lost its alignment.  This involves taking high-resolution digital X-Rays of the head and neck from three points of view.  Only then may we apply specific corrections which are tailor-made to each client's unique misalignment in order to restore biomechanical function.

Applying these corrections as needed over time stabilizes and restores normal motion to the upper cervical spine bringing balance and optimum function to both the spine and nervous system as a whole.  Since your spine and nervous system are the foundation for your health, Upper Cervical Care is the key to unlocking your true health potential!

Infrared Thermography is critical to Upper Cervical Care!

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